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Voice of Triumph 

Currently "Voice of Triumph" is viewed in 81 countries.  All of Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, parts of Russia and China,  via Omega T.V., Gospel Channel Europe, Thor and Hotbird satellites.  We are in four markets in North Carolina and five markets in Alabama. Check the schedule here. Watch live broadcast here.


In Germany, we support two Ministry to the Millitary (MttM) locations, to connect military, veterans, and their communities with a missional Christian family.


Germany Service Men’s Centers 

in Kaiserslautern/Baumholder, Germany: 

Phil and Becky Burton 



Germany Service Men’s Center

in Wurzburg, Germany  


704-739-1987  will ring in Germany


International Team 

Our main thrust thus far has been to feed and clothe the hungry and destitute, visit children's hospitals, and attend to morphans and street kids. The goal is to make a difference in their lives by showing them the love of Christ, not just telling them about it. God has allowed us to help dig wells in Africa, to clothe a Gypsy Church in Romania, and give a first piece of candy to children in India. Bibles have been provided to the Philippines. Even better than these works, the Gospel has been preached in these places and more. We support orphanages in:

  • Hunedora, Romania

  • Kakuma, Kwangware & Gitiimayu, Kenya

  • Madras, India

  • Rio Viejo, Honduras

Domestic Team 

We have been blessed to minister to the Plains Indians of North Dakota, youth of New Mexico, ethnic Romanians of Chicago and others. When allowed, and the opportunity avails, we do on-site visits to assess ministry opportunities as well as follow up ministry. Through the direction of the Holy Spirit, God has allowed us to make many strong friendships and contacts, using in-country nationals that work with us, crossing many denominational lines. In Kings Mountain, we conduct a benevolence ministry that distributes food to area needy each month. The local  ministry includes:

  • Merry Christmas Kings Mountain

  • James Home for Children 

  • Kings Mountain area food distribution

  • Smokey Mountain Children's Home in Sevierville TN

  • Kings Mountain Crisis Center

  • Children's Home in Concord NC

This entire ministry is not about a denomination, a color, a race, or about a doctrine. It is about winning the lost, ( For God so loved the world that He gave....) it is that simple.


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